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Best Psychology Colleges in New York

Explore the Best Psychology Colleges in the State of New York

New York is home to the largest public university system in the country. Its higher educational body has witnessed tremendous growth over the years and consists of top class schools and colleges. Today this state is also a place where students can get hold of top psychology colleges and universities.

The psychology schools present in New York are widely known for the unique cultural and professional environment they possess which may help students to get going towards different careers. Given here is some information about the best psychology colleges in the state which you can register into to acquire higher education in psychology.

Columbia University

Columbia University has been offering opportunities in the field of psychology since 1890. The university has been one of the pioneers of the science of psychology and today offer both undergraduate and graduate opportunities. The university has been characterized as one of the best psychology colleges due to the wide range of areas of research it covers.

Stony Brook University

The department of psychology at this university was founded in 1960. It offers students to progress towards different concentrations such as clinical, cognitive, health and social psychology etc. Stony Brook University also is regionally accredited; it offers students a one year MA program in psychology as well.

Cornell University

Cornell University was founded in the year 1865 and functions as a private land grant institute. The department of psychology helps students become psychology teachers, researchers and scholars. The university has also been referred as one of the decent psychology colleges in New York.

Online Psychology Colleges & Schools
Besides the above mentioned on-campus universities and schools you can also apply towards the following online psychology schools.

Argosy University

Argosy University is among the notable psychology colleges in the US offering online undergraduate and graduate degree options for interested individuals. The university has been a major contributor towards the higher educational needs of psychology students and may be the right place for you to advance towards a career.

Walden University Online

Walden University Online is a distance educational specializing institute located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The university also offers accredited degree programs for students in psychology at different levels. At present the university is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

You can explore other popular psychology colleges in New York at:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Argosy University Online

Today our societies are tormented with many serious behavioral problems such as drug addiction, violence at home and streets, poor relationships etc which make life miserable for people, who in turn look towards suicide and death as possible solutions.

Psychology is a science which studies human behavior and over the years has provided solutions to people in every aspect of life. Over the years this field of study has developed and become popular thus career opportunities for people with professional education in psychology are on a rise.

Argosy University Online: One of the Top Psychology Colleges in the US

Over the years many reputable psychology colleges have emerged in the US which offers students with efficient learning systems so that they can progress towards different psychological careers. Argosy University online is one of the renowned names among these institutes and over the years has been providing people with flexible education which can easily fit in with their hectic schedule.

As one of the distinguished psychology colleges Argosy University online offers you undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs in psychology trough its college of psychology and behavioral sciences.
The American School of Professional Psychology is also part of this college which further increases the efficiency and quality of the degree programs.

Psychology Programs at Argosy University Online

There are very few accredited psychology colleges in the country which offer students highly qualified degree programs in psychology. Argosy University Online offers you the following opportunities through which you may become a professional psychologist:
  • BA in Psychology
  • MA in Sports Exercise Psychology
  • MA in Forensic Psychology
  • D. Ed in Counseling Psychology
  • MA in Industrial Organization Psychology

These degree programs provide students with a real world practical experience which is carried out by the dedicated faculty of this university, it is because of their hard work and zeal to educate individuals that Argosy University online has a reputation among the top psychology colleges in the country.


For all those searching for efficient online psychology colleges Argosy University Online should put under consideration. Students who have already graduated in psychology from this university today are pursuing careers in different professional fields such as human resources, education, criminal justice, psychology, health care and in governments as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Psychology Colleges in Florida

Top Psychology Colleges for Students Present in Florida

The state of Florida has always been keen in providing people with efficient and affordable higher education. With the passage of time it has become one of the top contributors towards the success of the country which is mainly due to its developed educational system.

Students today present in Florida are offered with opportunities in different academic fields and among them psychology is the most popular and sought after by most. As the demand for professional psychologists in schools, hospitals, government agencies, companies increases so does the need for good educational centers which offers programs in psychology.

Therefore reputable psychology colleges have been set up in Florida to see to the needs of people and thus given below are the top psychology college you which you can consider opting for in the state of Florida:

Florida International University

If you are in search of dynamic and career oriented place to start your education in psychology Florida International University is the place for you then. The department of psychology has played an important role in the overall success of this university entitling it as one of the distinguished psychology colleges in the nation. Today it is providing methodological rigor and fostering good basic science points of reference for all its learners and providing them with graduate, undergraduate and doctoral degree programs.

Johnson & Wales University
Johnson & Wales University is a privately run co-educational institute and is known widely for the online programs it offers. The university presents you with a four year undergraduate degree program in counseling psychology which is a popular choice of programs amongst students.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a regionally accredited distance learning institute with campuses locations all over the US. The university along with online psychology programs also offers on-campus options through its college of arts and sciences. Listed among the decent psychology colleges this university serves as the best place for busy and working people who wish to acquire psychology programs.

University of North Florida

Offering excellent educational offerings in the field of psychology, University of North Florida has over the years made its name among the notable psychology colleges in Florida. The psychology department at this university has a mission to equip students with the best skills and knowledge about psychology and its relating fields. Hence this university can be the perfect place for you to begin your professional education in psychology.

Argosy University Online

Argosy University Online believes that diversity of studying options in psychology can create more awareness of this field of study. Therefore it offers people with degree programs in many specializations of different levels. Currently Argosy University has two campuses in Florida as well as one online campus.

University of Florida

University of Florida is a world renowned public university. It was established in the year 1853 and consists of one of the best psychology colleges in the state. The department of psychology at this university has over the years dedicated itself in providing excellent practical education to its learners and offers both undergraduate and graduate opportunities in different specializations.

Rasmussen College

Known to be among one of the oldest private institutes in the country Rasmussen College has a history of more than 110 years. This college offers both online and on-campus education in psychology presenting students with associate degree and certificate options. Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission this college is also one of the estimable psychology colleges.  


The study of psychology requires immense commitment from you therefore before opting for any of these recommended  psychology colleges or universities its important that you check if they are in accordance with your needs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 5 Public Psychology Colleges in the United States

The study of psychology has reached new horizons and today is among the most popular career choices in the world. There are thousands every year in the US alone who seek higher education in this discipline, hoping one day to accomplish their dreams to become professional psychologists.

Psychology is a broad discipline with many subfields like clinical, biological, cognitive, social etc. There are hundreds of schools and psychology colleges present in the country which offer great opportunities for people through the degree programs they offer. If you wish to lead a promising career in the future, pursuing a psychology degree from these well known psychology colleges will benefit you greatly.

University of Michigan

The department of Psychology present at University of Michigan is known across the nation for the outstanding psychology programs it offers. It offers people with both graduate and undergraduate degrees and gives them the opportunity to excel in different areas of psychology. The university operates with an experienced faculty which is known nationally for their contributions. University of Michigan is accredited North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is amongst the top 5 public psychology colleges which you should consider.

University of Minnesota

Minnesota is home to one of the top educational bodies in the United States. The University of Minnesota located in Minneapolis is another distinguished institute present in this state which offers popular psychology programs. The university in order to maintain its reputation chooses only the best students into its psychology department and offers them innovative psychology programs. The university is among the regionally accredited psychology colleges in Minnesota.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

University of Wisconsin – Madison is among the well established psychology colleges in the country. The university is the best where it comes to training psychology scientists for the new generation. It provides an opportunity for all those who think they have what it takes to cope up with the advanced psychology education offered at its department of psychology.

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University is famous for both the online and on-campus psychology programs it offers. The department of psychology present at this university has about 40 faculty members who facilitate more than 100 professional learners. The university focuses mainly on enhanced research and offers you both graduate and bachelors options. A selected number of psychology programs are also offered online by this state run university making it one of the most diverse psychology colleges in the country.

University of California – Berkley

The department of psychology present at this university is ranked amongst the top 10 in the world. University of California – Berkley encourages all its learners to choose those psychology programs which they think will 
help them in the future. All the psychology programs offered by this university are accredited and authentic.

All the psychology colleges mentioned above are public higher educational bodies. If you are in search for more colleges then visit this psychology colleges state directory.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Psychology Colleges - Online or On-Campus

In the modern era we are living in today the study of psychology has become one of the most popular career choices for people, with thousands every year seeking higher education, to become professional psychologists in the future. Due to the exceptional progress in this field of study over the past few decades   many psychology colleges have established themselves in the U.S offering an array of opportunities for all those interested in psychology. These reputable educational institutes offer both online and campus based
psychology programs giving students an option to either enjoy the convenience of online psychology degrees or else go through the traditional way of learning.

Both these format of learning are quite popular among psychology colleges but as far as the students are concerned it depends on the situation each one is in. Find out which mode of learning suits you more and get going with your education in psychology.

Cost Effective

Though traditional psychology colleges are known for their efficient and qualified educational standards they pose heavy tuition fees and miscellaneous charges on students making it difficult to afford for many people. On the contrary reputable online psychology colleges are more cost efficient , the tuition fees are low and also there are no books to be bought as all the coursework is carried out though online means.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the major benefits of pursuing your psychology degree online is that you can manage your own schedule according to your availability. Recognized online psychology colleges also have various methods of delivering the coursework and students can choose which one is more convenient for them. This is one feature which is not present at traditional psychology colleges.

Effective Learning

Psychology is a broad discipline which requires you to get hands on learning and also imply various researching methodologies. Traditional schools are more efficient in this regard as they offer the most effective learning systems for students. Due to the students learning from home factors is minimum among online psychology colleges as students have no hands on learning or complete direct interaction with teachers.

Accelerated Degree Programs

Due to the flexible degree options people who choose online psychology colleges are able to finish their degrees much quicker which leaves them with not grooming their skills and expertise properly. This is not the case with traditional psychology schools as the programs offered by them depend on the progress of the student over a specific period of time. 

If you are interested in pursuing your psychology degree from a traditional psychology college read about the   
Top Psychology Colleges in the US