Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Psychology Colleges in New York

Explore the Best Psychology Colleges in the State of New York

New York is home to the largest public university system in the country. Its higher educational body has witnessed tremendous growth over the years and consists of top class schools and colleges. Today this state is also a place where students can get hold of top psychology colleges and universities.

The psychology schools present in New York are widely known for the unique cultural and professional environment they possess which may help students to get going towards different careers. Given here is some information about the best psychology colleges in the state which you can register into to acquire higher education in psychology.

Columbia University

Columbia University has been offering opportunities in the field of psychology since 1890. The university has been one of the pioneers of the science of psychology and today offer both undergraduate and graduate opportunities. The university has been characterized as one of the best psychology colleges due to the wide range of areas of research it covers.

Stony Brook University

The department of psychology at this university was founded in 1960. It offers students to progress towards different concentrations such as clinical, cognitive, health and social psychology etc. Stony Brook University also is regionally accredited; it offers students a one year MA program in psychology as well.

Cornell University

Cornell University was founded in the year 1865 and functions as a private land grant institute. The department of psychology helps students become psychology teachers, researchers and scholars. The university has also been referred as one of the decent psychology colleges in New York.

Online Psychology Colleges & Schools
Besides the above mentioned on-campus universities and schools you can also apply towards the following online psychology schools.

Argosy University

Argosy University is among the notable psychology colleges in the US offering online undergraduate and graduate degree options for interested individuals. The university has been a major contributor towards the higher educational needs of psychology students and may be the right place for you to advance towards a career.

Walden University Online

Walden University Online is a distance educational specializing institute located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The university also offers accredited degree programs for students in psychology at different levels. At present the university is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

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